necklace 14K solid gold, Herkimer diamond & Hill Tribe silver NG2504


3 mm sparkling 14K gold bead, 2 mm Hill Tribe handcrafted silver bead and abt 4-5 mm Herkimer diamond.

Clasp in silver.

Length 38, 40 or 42 cm (drop down menu)

Hill Tribe silver is traditionally handcrafted by native Hill Tribe families from Thailand with only hand and hammer. Each piece has more than 99,5% pure silver. To prevent tarnish and keep the silver shining, regularly polish with a soft cotton polishing cloth. Store it in an airtight zipbag of jewelrybox.

Herkimer diamonds, a wonder of geology, are hexagonal with 18 facets made by nature and are pointed on both ends.

These characteristics result in a natural sparkle that can only be otbained in faceted diamonds through time-consuming work. Because Herkimer diamonds are uncut, untreated and left with their natural faceting, no two are exactly the sae.

A Herkimer is perfect for those that find beauty in a raw, earthy and organic look and enjoy the uniqueness that each stone possesses.